With so many Apps and programs now offered by Microsoft, it can be difficult to know what each program is used for. Additionally, as technology is advancing, you need to consider whether learning skill would benefit your job and career. Here you can find out what is Microsoft Visio and if it would be worth taking an accredited Microsoft Visio Course.

Microsoft Visio is used for drawing a variety of flowcharts, diagrams and other visuals for business communication. The tool helps users to create visual communications that can grab people’s attention and encourage teams and organisation to collaborate more. Visio is sold as an additional product and does not come as a standard for Microsoft Office.

What is Microsoft Visio?

Here is a look at just some of the visuals that Visio can create:

  • Organisational Charts
  • Plans of buildings
  • Work floor plans
  • Flowcharts
  • Business Processes
  • Flow of Data or Procedures
  • Swimlane diagrams

However, there are many more.

Visio has many customised templates available that can create a basis for the chart or diagram.

All you need to know: What is Microsoft Visio? Microsoft Office Kurse

Organisations will often make Visio a tool to facilitate working together, collaborating and for team building. We see many departments using Visio. For example, Finance will use it for planning and data visuals, IT may need it for process mapping and IT network diagrams, creative industry like it for brainstorming sessions and diagrams.

What is the difference between Visio and PowerPoint

Visio offer visual charts and helps with analysis and working together. PowerPoint is a far more common programme that offers the ability to deliver presentations and has numerous templates to assist in the aesthetics. Visio is a less common programme to use, but the benefits of being able to use Visio can be great for many job type. PowerPoint is a much more essential skill and the majority of professions will now expect people to be able to use the program in their daily work.

Visio Training Courses

We offer CPD Accredited Courses in Visio written by Microsoft Platinum Partners. You can gain an accredited qualification and gain this valuable skill.